What is Happy Science?

In a nutshell, Happy Science is a religion established by Master Ryuho Okawa – a living Buddha and Savior of the 21st century. It is a religion which unites all people and, through its unique and powerful teachings, aims to bring happiness to every individual to create a utopia on earth.

Why is Happy Science a religion for all people?

Happy Science is a religion for all people because it does not denounce or repudiate other worldwide religions. Though Happy Science teachings are unique, they embrace many important teachings of other worldwide religions. Happy Science members are not required to convert from their existing faiths and can study Happy Science teachings alongside their original religions. People from all backgrounds, cultures, professions and faiths, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or others, have been attracted to our open movement and unique teachings; they study together in joy, harmony and deep-found respect. Happy Science teachings are delivered in a clear and concise manner, which can be understood by anyone regardless of one’s educational background or knowledge in religious doctrines.

Why do people join Happy Science?

People join Happy Science because they are impressed and moved by the books of Master Ryuho Okawa. People find Happy Science teachings unique, easy to understand and providing answers to their life questions. Happy Science teachings help people to overcome their own problems, and discover seeds of happiness regardless of their situation or circumstances. Through the journey on this great path to happiness, members transform their lives and become a positive force that naturally expands to their families, workplaces and society. Happy Science teachings provide answers not only to such fundamental questions as “where do we come from and where do we go after we die?” but also explain how the universe came into existence, what is God’s great plan, why there are so many religions in the world and what kind of world awaits us in the afterlife.

Why is this religion called “Happy Science”?

The Japanese name of Happy Science is “Kofuku-no-Kagaku”. “Kofuku” means “Happiness” and “Kagaku” means “Science”. If to use grammatically correct English, the translation of “Kofuku-no-Kagaku” would be “The Science of Happiness”. However, the English name “Happy Science” was adopted for simplicity, as it is easier to remember and pronounce for all people around the world, regardless of their country of origin or level of English language. “Science” implies that we study the way to become happy.

Is Happy Science a sect of Buddhism or Christianity?

No, Happy Science is not a sect of Buddhism or Christianity. Happy Science is a new religion with unique teachings, which embrace the Buddhist idea of enlightenment, Christian idea of practicing love, and the philosophy of success, which was taught by Hermes 4300 years ago in Greece. Thus, it could be said that Happy Science teachings bring together the philosophies of Eastern and Western civilizations and serve as a great bridge uniting two great philosophies.

Is Happy Science a Japanese religion or worldwide religion?

Though Happy Science originates from Japan, it is a worldwide religion as its teachings are for everyone regardless of one’s nationality, race or gender. People from all over the world are attracted to Happy Science teachings and are learning them with great interest.

What is the main difference between Happy Science and other religions or philosophies?

Whilst most world religions mainly stress the importance of achieving happiness in the afterlife, Happy Science teachings stress the importance of achieving happiness which continues from this world to the other world. Happy Science teachings are not only mystical but also rational with a clear application in a daily life. At the same time, Happy Science teachings provide extensive knowledge about the afterlife and Spirit World, which could hardly be found in any other religious teaching.

Is Happy Science somehow connected to Scientology?

No, Happy Science has no connection or relation to Scientology.

Is Happy Science a monotheistic religion – a religion of only one God or many gods?

Happy Science admits the existence of many gods and High Spirits and provides extensive explanation on the structure of the Spirit World. However, Happy Science stresses the importance of establishing faith in Lord El Cantare who, having been in charge of the Earth since before the beginning of humanity, is the supreme God of Earth and Lord of all gods.

What makes Happy Science unique?

The teachings and the faith in El Cantare are what makes Happy Science unique. The teachings of Happy Science come from the heart of El Cantare and are based on the laws of the universe. In a simple way, it explains such complicated matters such as the multidimensional structure of the Spirit World, the process of reincarnation, life after death, the true meaning of human life, and enlightenment, providing the principles of happiness for everyone to apply in their daily lives. El Cantare is the supreme God responsible for our planet Earth. Together with other highly evolved souls known to us as Archangels, Tathagatas, Angels and Bodhisattvas, he has been guiding humankind since the very beginning. A distinctive feature of belief in El Cantare is that it recognizes the existence of many other highly evolved spirits, who became origins for new religions and philosophies and are regarded as saints, archangels, messiahs, gods or saviours. Accordingly, the thinking of Happy Science does not denounce or repudiate other true religions, but rather tries to unify people with diverse values to lead humankind towards a common future while demonstrating freedom and tolerance.

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