Can I still believe in a different religion if I join Happy Science as a member?

Yes, you can. Happy Science is not an exclusive religion and in a broad sense its teachings do not conflict with other world religions. There is no requirement to abandon your original religion and the Happy Science teachings will surely complement and expand your knowledge.

How do I become a member of Happy Science?

Everyone who is willing to accept the belief of Happy Science and study the teachings can become a member. To join Happy Science as a member, visit your nearest Happy Science centre to fill in a simple application form. A short welcoming ceremony will be conducted and you will receive a precious compact prayer book. Those who understand the value of the teachings and want to become Buddha’s disciples pledge their devotion to the three treasures (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and receive the fundamental sutra book and two powerful prayer books.

Are there any membership fees?

No, there aren’t any particular membership fees. However, we highly appreciate every financial support, as it helps us to spread these teachings and fund our activities for creating a better world.

How can I be a volunteer of Happy Science?

There are many ways to volunteer at Happy Science. It is best to approach the nearest Happy Science center and to ask them how can you volunteer. However, you can always volunteer through introducing Happy Science teachings to your friends, family, co-workers and other people around you. (link to a website referral function “Tell your friends”)

What do you do as a Happy Science member?

There are no forced or mandatory practices for Happy Science members. However, people who join Happy Science are those who want to improve themselves and their lives, so they study the teachings by reading books, watching video lectures and put those teachings into daily practice by giving love to others and practicing self-reflection. Members attend seminars at Happy Science centers and deepen their knowledge together with Dharma friends. There are also spiritual growth programs which help develop your wisdom step by step. Members who would like to be more involved can volunteer at local Happy Science centers and offer a helping hand in various activities.

I prefer not to join any religion – why not just read the books without becoming a member?

Of course it is your choice and freedom to decide how to study. However, by joining as a member you build a spiritual connection with the Lord. Your soul makes quicker progress when it is connected with the Heavenly world and is open to receiving spiritual guidance. Being a member, you also can receive practical guidance from Dharma friends who have already advanced in their spiritual discipline.The Sangha (a group of people with the same high ideals) is able to achieve great things through the collaborative work of many. Thus, by joining a group of similar minded people, you can contribute to creating an ideal society, which we call “Utopia”. There is a limit to what one person can do, but a lot can be done by many.

Do Happy Science members have to follow a particular diet or restricted from eating meat, etc?

No, there aren’t any particular restrictions as regards to diet. What we consider more important is to be content and grateful for all the food we are provided every day and try to follow common-sense in choosing what is best for your dietary needs.

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