Why do we need religion in a scientific and technologically advanced age?

The truth is that human life on earth is only temporary and, after some decades of life experience on earth, all of us will return to our real home – the Spirit World, regardless of whether we believe in it or not. Information concerning the world after death and the values of the Spirit World are not taught at schools, resulting in all kinds of confusion when understanding our true selves and the meaning of human life on earth. Religion is the only field of study that deals with such subjects as the afterlife and the Spirit World, and clearly draws a line between good and evil.

Why is faith important? How will faith affect my life?

Only through faith we can discover our true selves as children of God (Buddha). Faith is necessary to lead our lives correctly from a perspective of a child of God (Buddha). Faith is a prerequisite to enter higher realms of heaven and to attain true happiness which continues from this world to the next one. Faith makes us stronger and empowers us to overcome all obstacles and hardships we may face in life. Faith makes us humble and encourages us to keep improving ourselves.

How does Happy Science view other religions?

Happy Science is tolerant towards all major worldwide religions as, in a broad sense, they all come from the same source and teach the same values. However, the teachings of old religions have become obscure and difficult to understand for modern people, while new religions tend to be a jumble of good and bad. In short, there are true religions and misguided ones. Through studying Happy Science teachings you learn the criteria of how to discern between a genuine and misguided religion.

How can we determine whether a religion is genuine or misguided?

One way to discern a genuine religion from a false one is to look at the ‘wishes’ of that religion and imagine what will happen when the ideas it advocates are fulfilled and prevail throughout the world. In the case of an evil religion, the result will be tragic if it spreads as it is. In the case of a good religion, most probably, the opposite result will come about. This way of logical thinking will allow you to draw a conclusion. Another way to distinguish between good and evil religions is to find the answers to these questions: What kind of people are those who wish to spread the religion? What kind of ideas do they have? How do they behave? What are their values or views on happiness? The teachings of a religion are like a mirror reflecting its true face. Love and self-reflection should be the central concept of any world religion. Teachings that are really wonderful never fails to win the support of numerous people and will prevail in due time. And finally, a true religion will never regard itself as an exclusive one and will embrace the values of tolerance and freedom towards others.

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