Who is Ryuho Okawa?

Ryuho Okawa is the founder of Happy Science. He is a living Buddha and the Savior for the 21st century who attained Great Enlightenment and discovered his spiritual name – El Cantare.

Who is Lord El Cantare?

Lord El Cantare is the supreme God responsible for our planet Earth. El Cantare has the highest authority over the terrestrial spirit group and represents the law of the Primordial God (Buddha) – the Creator of the whole Universe.

What does the name “El Cantare” mean?

The name “El Cantare” means “the beautiful land of light, Earth”.

What is the relationship between El Cantare and Ryuho Okawa?

The soul of Ryuho Okawa is the core part of El Cantare’s consciousness. In other words, Master Ryuho Okawa is the present incarnation of El Cantare.

What are the past lives of Ryuho Okawa?

The past incarnations of Ryuho Okawa’s brother souls over the last 20,000 years are: La Mu on the Mu continent, Thoth in Atlantis, Rient Arl Croud in the ancient kingdom of the Incas, Ophealis and Hermes in Greece, Gautama Siddhartha (Shakyamuni Buddha) in India. The core consciousness of El Cantare has descended only three times in the 300 million years of the history of humanity, the third being in the present day as Master Ryuho Okawa. The two previous descents were under the name Alpha and then later Elohim.

Who is Hermes?

Hermes was a political and spiritual leader who preached the Truth in Greece around 2300 B.C. He is also known as the god of prosperity and the arts, and he is one of the past lives of Master Ryuho Okawa.

Why do people believe in the teachings of Ryuho Okawa?

More and more people are attracted to the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa because these teachings resonate with their hearts and people feel that these teachings are true. Through studying and practicing the Truth, people are transforming their lives and finding true happiness.

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