What is the importance of studying Happy Science teachings?

Although in essence, human beings are spiritual beings and children of God (Buddha), whilst living in this material world we are spiritually blind and tend to forget our true nature. The teachings spread by Happy Science helps us to understand our true selves and, like traffic rules, guide us through this journey called “Life”. As we are children of God (Buddha), it is only natural that we wish to know the mind of God (Buddha) and His will. Happy Science teachings are true teachings of Buddha and are taught only once in thousands of years.

What makes the ‘happiness’ in Happy Science different to other religions or philosophies?

Happiness that carries over from this world to the next is the main focus of Happy Science’s teachings. This kind of happiness can be achieved by having knowledge of the other world, understanding the laws that govern the mind and the universe and applying this knowledge to make the most of our lives on earth. It is a happiness that is called “enlightenment”.

Isn’t enlightenment only for Buddhist seekers?

It is mistaken to consider enlightenment as something particular to Buddhist seekers. Happiness starts first in the mind. Studying the Truth is the first step to attaining happiness, which teaches us the attitude and the way of thinking to become truly happy. Consequently, Happy Science started from a group of people who are always eager to seek the “right mind” and to pursue and study God’s (Buddha’s) teachings. Happiness attained in this manner is the same as what has been called “enlightenment” from ancient times. It is the eternal happiness that penetrates this world and the other world. Enlightenment is for all people and it is the purpose and meaning of human life.

Isn’t reincarnation only a Buddhist teaching?

It is true, that reincarnation is one of the core teachings of Buddhism, but the idea of reincarnation is not unique to Buddhism. The idea of reincarnation was also taught by ancient Egyptians, ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Plato, and more recently by Edgar Cayce. Reincarnation is not taught clearly in Christianity today, though it used to be a part of the teachings of early Christianity. When Christianity became the approved religion of the Roman Empire, many spiritual concepts were removed, including the concept of reincarnation. Nowadays in Western countries, past life readings are becoming popular and more and more people are beginning to accept the idea of reincarnation.

Do human souls reincarnate as animals?

Usually a human soul is born as a human, and an animal soul as an animal. However, there are some very rare cases when human soul chooses to experience life of an animal in order to learn more about human dignity.

Does hell exist?

Yes, hell does exist. Hell occupies a small part of the Spirit World (Real World), but as it is very close to our three-dimensional world, its negative influence on people living on earth is fairly strong.

Why does hell exist?

The Spirit World is governed by “The law of same wavelengths’ attraction”. Therefore those souls who are evil-minded and harmful towards others cannot live in heaven, which is a world of pure and high-minded souls. Hell is like a hospital for souls who are spiritually ill. It is a place for their rehabilitation during which those souls are expected to reflect and to correct their mistaken belief that they are their physical body and that they can get away with living self-centric lives. Once they have corrected their wrong way of thinking, they can return to heaven. Hell was created by people who came to posses negative thoughts while living on earth and it is fed by a continual stream of people who are led to walk the same path. Therefore, in order to eliminate hell, it is necessary to prevent more people from falling to hell by changing this world into utopia. It is a responsibility of all human beings.

If there is a God/Buddha, why is there evil in the world?

Each soul is given free will and therefore it has the freedom to create and choose either good or evil. Evil arises from friction between people who pursue their own freedom, so it is purely our responsibility to overcome evil. God does not neglect evil beings. He knows that they too are in the process of spiritual discipline refining their souls. God patiently waits for those confused and misguided souls to awaken and recover their true divine nature through self-reflection and repentance. This is God’s love and compassion.

What kind of beings are evil spirits?

Evil spirits are human souls that led a mistaken life on earth and, due to their wrong state of mind, could not return back to heaven.

What happens after death?

The direction the soul takes after the death of the physical body largely depends on the person’s way of life, thoughts, deeds and state of mind whilst he or she lived on earth. There are souls that become stray spirits bound to earth, souls that fall straight to hell and souls that take a normal departure for the Spirit World. All souls that successfully depart for the Spirit world must get rid of worldly attachments and review their entire lives. After-death self-reflection reveals the soul’s state of mind and the realm it will go to in the Spirit World, be it heaven or hell.

What is Utopia?

Utopia is a society that focuses on the mind, where people strive for true values such as faith, love and enlightenment, and, regardless of the type of society or lifestyle, can find happiness and maintain peace of mind. The heavenly world is a prototype of utopia. Creating utopia is creating heaven on earth.

What is the meaning of human life?

Humans are spiritual beings that have eternal life. We eternally reincarnate between this world and the other in order to refine our souls. We are born on earth to learn many lessons and improve our souls, so life could be compared to a “workbook of problems to be solved”. The lessons and experiences we gain through our lives help to deepen our wisdom and capacity to love, making us grow ever more capable of loving and helping others, thus increasing our evolution individually and as a whole.

Why do you call the Spirit World the ‘Real World’?

We call the Spirit World the “Real World” because it is the world we originally came from. The Spirit World is the true home of human souls. It is the world we live in before we are born on Earth and where we go back to after we die. This world is only temporary and acts as a training ground for our souls.

Is there a particular spirit that looks after me?

Yes, every person born in this world is assigned one guardian spirit who looks after his or her soul undergoing spiritual discipline on earth. A guardian spirit is the other part of you, who stays in the Spirit World and guides you while you live on Earth. It watches over you and helps you to make right decisions whilst you live on earth. Usually your guardian spirit gives you guidance through what we call “inspiration”.

Who are “soul mates”?

We call “soul mates” a group of around 20 to 30 people who have a close spiritual connection to us and are born at the same age to undergo spiritual training on earth. Soul mates are those people with whom we have relationships which continue through many reincarnations. We are used to thinking that “soul mates” are people we have only pleasant relationships with, however, even people who give us a hard time are often our soul mates providing us with lessons necessary for refinement of our soul.

What is Happy Science’s concept of good and evil?

There is a clear separation between good and evil in the Spirit World. God’s (Buddha’s) Truth is the criteria to separate between good and evil. The good and evil of our thoughts and deeds during our life on earth are judged unambiguously in the world after death. Therefore, studying God’s (Buddha’s) Truth while we live on earth is a wise decision to help our souls make right choices.

Why does Happy Science use the words “God and “Buddha” interchangeably?

At Happy Science, “God” (with capital “G”) and “Buddha” are used interchangeably as they refer to the same being – Primordial Creator and the ruler of the great universe, who resides beyond the 20th dimension. We use both words “God” and “Buddha” in order to make it easy to understand for people coming from different religious backgrounds. However, we often use the term “Eternal Buddha” or “God”, when we refer to El Cantare – the existence who is the direct creator of our souls and represents the consciousness and the law of the Primordial God (Buddha), which is the Law of the Universe. There are also other superior beings who in various religions are addressed as “Buddha” or “God”. However those beings actually are High Spirits of Light, who reside in the upper realms of the Spirit World and from time to time reincarnate on Earth to give teachings appropriate to a particular area and age. They become the origin of ethnic religions or sects of worldwide religions. Here, at Happy Science, we call those beings “gods” (with small letter “g”) as they are all highly advanced souls, who have been helping people living on earth to understand the various aspects of the law of El Cantare.

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