How does Happy Science view marriage and family?

Creating happiness in the family is of great importance as they are the building-blocks of a utopia on a global scale. Before we are born as humans, we make a life plan for our spiritual training on earth. Not only do we choose the parents we are born to, but we may also promise to marry a particular person and raise others as our children in order to ensure the most suitable environment for everyone’s spiritual development. Of course,there are people who decide to remain single in order to commit themselves to their work.

What is Happy Science’s view on conventional medical treatment?

Happy Science does not deny the importance of modern medicine and believe that its advancement has been guided by many “gods of medicine” who work in Heaven. However, our state of mind covers more than half of the reasons why we fall ill, which means that there are many diseases which can be healed through “management of the mind”. We believe that cooperation and collaboration between medicine and religion is ideal, and that physicians with religious faith will be able to heal more illnesses.

Why is the physical body mortal?

We humans are essentially souls and the Spirit World is our real home, while this world is only temporary. This world exists as a place for our souls to undergo spiritual training. This world is a place where the soul borrows the temporary form of flesh for the sake of self-expression. Thus, a physical body must inevitably enter the path of decline in order for us to be able to return back to our real home after some decades of life on earth. Because physical life is mortal, our souls can reincarnate on earth many times and undergo spiritual training in many different environments and circumstances.

What is Happy Science’s view on organ donation?

It is not the case that organ transplantation is a completely wrong idea, but it is a very serious matter for someone who does not know when the moment of death really is or is unaware of how the soul is linked to the body. Therefore it is essential that the organ donor, the recipient and the doctor all have sufficient spiritual knowledge of the Truth.

What is Happy Science view regarding abortion?

All human beings are born on earth in accordance to their life plan made in Heaven. Happy Science understands how abortion can be inevitable in certain cases, but it is imperative that people become aware of the real process of birth and the consequences of abortion, especially when it is carried out late into the pregnancy. Large numbers of souls who plan to be born (reincarnate) on earth have their lives thrown into confusion as a result of abortions. At around two or three months after conception, when the woman begins to experience nausea or ‘morning sickness’, the soul begins to enter the fetus. The soul at this time is an adult soul but begins to regress, losing its memory of its time in the heavenly world, as its consciousness gradually becomes that of a baby. Therefore, if it returns to the other world as a baby, it would have to be nurtured back to that of an adult, setting the soul back by at least twenty years. If having an abortion cannot be avoided, please, at the least, send out your thoughts to the child so that it will not be scarred by the experience and will be able to mature well in the other world. *The fetus before the soul enters it is also a life form with a consciousness so carrying out the abortion before the soul resides is not encouraged either.

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