Happy Science is involved in a myriad of charitable activities worldwide. We are especially committed to providing aid to nurture a better future; therefore, our main philanthropic efforts extend to children of developing nations who are in need of educational fulfillment and victims of natural disasters.

China: Helping Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake

May 2008, a major earthquake struck the Sichuan province of China. The earthquake took the lives of 70,000 people and affected more than 15 million; most notably, the tragic collapse of an elementary school that killed over one hundred students. To assist those who were displaced, Happy Science sent 500 specialized tents, which provided temporary and adequate shelter to those who had lost their homes. This was considered the largest contribution of tents to the affected region by any organization.

We also donated copies of our children’s book, “What is Happiness” to the students of an elementary school in Sichuan; hoping to provide a small moment of joy and distraction from the horrific events.

Myanmar(Burma): Helping Victims of the Cyclone

In May 2008, Myanmar was struck by a cyclone which flooded and destroyed its largest city, Yangon. Happy Science did not have direct access to the people in the affected areas, so instead, we provided substantial economic support to the Red Cross who were able to provide the necessary aid to people of Yangon and surrounding areas.

India: Helping Fund the Surya Bharti School in Bodh-Gaya

In the remote area of Bodh-Gaya India, Mrs. Yuki Inoue and her husband Sudama Kumar, both members of Happy Science, oversee the Surya Bharti School, a free learning center for the children of the region. Upon relocating to Bodh-Gaya, Mrs. Inoue found that the children desperately needed a suitable learning environment, so she and her husband embarked on a new mission (a life’s mission) to nurture young minds and offer hope through educational fulfillment.

To date, the school is educating more than 300 students, yet the demand for placement grows steadfast each year. Mrs. Inoue’s dream is to open more schools to satisfy the overwhelming interest for academic fulfillment. Happy Science is a proud sponsor of the Surya Bharti School and its mission to create contributing members of society and open the future of the community and country.

Surya Bharti School (http://www.interq.or.jp/ruby/mahamaya/ca.html)

Supporting Schools in Mumbai and Aurangabad

Stationery, including textbooks, pencils, bags and more are being donated to different free schools in remote areas of Mumbai and Aurangabad. Happy Science will continue to support free schools for children in these areas.

Hosting Medical Camp

A medical camp was held for patients in Aurangabad who are too poor to receive any treatment. The camp was run by members of Happy Science and community volunteers.

Nepal: Supporting Schools in Pokhara

Pokhara is Nepal’s second major city and is said to be the most beautiful in the country. Here, volunteer members are donating notebooks, writing tools and Happy Science publications to municipal schools and public libraries. Library’s staff members attest that both students and teachers alike go to the library to read the Happy Science books that have been donated.

Sri Lanka: Construction of Classrooms for the School

The coastal village of Galle, Sri Lanka is one of the areas affected heavily by the Tsunami in 2004. Many buildings were destroyed including schools. Children in this area suffered the loss of loved ones and the loss of their homes and schools. Recognizing the need to maintain the education of the displaced children, Happy Science provided aid to a local school to construct a new building for additional class space. The construction finished early 2009 giving the school ample room to include children whose prior schools were destroyed. At the opening ceremony in March, 2009, many children gathered with jubilant smiles. A girl mentioned, “I was suffering so much from the disaster and it has taken everything away from me, but this school gave me hope. I am so happy I can attend school again.” We truly hope this school will nurture many in the future so that they themselves can rebuild their village and country.

Uganda: The Olyset Net – A Protection from Mosquitoes

Uganda is one of the countries in Africa that suffers greatly from malaria, a mosquito transmitted disease that causes millions of death annually around the world; most of which are young children. To prevent the spread of infections, a new type of mosquito net was introduced by the Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. The Olyset Net, is woven with a special thread which is soaked with pesticide, killing mosquitoes on exposure. The net is effective for about 5 years and has proven to not only protect people from malaria, but also decrease the number of mosquitoes in the area when used by a significant number of households.

Happy Science currently donates these innovatively effective nets to different villages and hospitals throughout Uganda to assure the safety of children and reduce the exposure of deadly malaria.