Since its establishment in 1986, Happy Science has been aiming to light the torch of Buddha’s Truth in every corner of the world. Today the Truth has reached people in more than 90 different countries and is spreading further with steady speed.

Brazil Shoshinkan temple

Happy Science temple – a spiritual sanctuary for soul and mind

Members meditating in a templeHappy Science temples are sacred places to deepen our love and faith, and to heighten our enlightenment. It is a special place that receives Heaven’s light and provides us with an environment to experience life on a much more profound level. Here, we can take time for deep introspection, cultivate serenity, meditate and feel divine light and love. Our minds can easily become clouded from the rough vibrations of modern-day living, so it becomes increasingly difficult to connect with our deeper selves – our true-self that is in touch with our guardian spirit, High-Spirits and the Lord. Our Happy Science temples are places where we can completely retreat from our busy, modern lives and find a sanctuary for our mind and soul. It is a spiritually protected place where everyone can safely meditate and self-reflect. We also hold regular special events such international retreats where members and non-members can come together to meet and advance in their soul training.

The “town square of the soul”

Filling up with heavenly light againHappy Science temples, local centers and missionary houses are the “town square of the soul” in your community and like a lighthouse shining heaven’s light to the surrounding area. Members and non-members are always welcome to visit to study the books, watch video lectures, practice meditations, attend prayer services or just to have an uplifting chat with Dharma friends. It is your spiritual home where you can come to seek advice to any life problem and re-energize yourself with heavenly light. Everyone is welcome. Find your nearest Happy Science temple here.

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