On December 14, 2012, an ad “An Open Letter to President Obama and the United States- Let’s stand up together and fight against China’s desire for expansion and world domination” was published in the Washington Post Newspaper. The ad is presented from Happy Science Group and the content is based on the lectures given recently by Master Ryuho Okawa titled “The American Mind” and “Why We Can’t Wait”, which will also be published in a book, Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All (preliminary title).

An Open Letter to President Obama and the United States

Let's stand up together and fight against China's desire for expansion and world domination

Greetings to the good people of the United States from your many friends in Japan. We wish you peace and joy, especially during this time of the year. December offers a reminder of your country's founding principles of faith as people celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and other religious remembrances.

Unfortunately, there are those who seek to remove religion from your society. You see many examples of this during the Christmas season. While they seek to turn the U.S. away from religion, other atheists, including atheist nations such as China, have much larger goals around the globe.

There are two types of nations in this world. One group believes in God and the divine nature of human rights. The other denies God and is solely focused on the economic prosperity of the government with no regard for individual human rights. China and North Korea are interested only in materialistic prosperity and expansion which can provoke situations where military action becomes inevitable. No God-loving society wants this.

America, like most of the world, has economic problems, but you must be alert to the growing problem of the appetite for expansion demonstrated by China. Neither the U.S., nor the Congress, nor the President seems to have a clear, long-term vision for the future of the world and your country. Meanwhile, this atheist nation has a clear vision for world dominance by the year 2050.

America was founded 236 years ago by people of faith who understood their prosperity came from God, not a human monarch or dictator. They realized that putting their faith in God allowed them to live and prosper under God's justice.

Japan, a close ally, has also been protected by God. Our two nations have both enjoyed the benefits of a good relationship. For decades we have been aligned through the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. This relationship came into clearer focus concerning a dispute over Japan's administration of the Senkaku Islands. Japan thanks the American government for approving the Webb Amendment to the Treaty that re-affirmed the U.S. commitment to counter any attempts to challenge Japan's role with these islands.

On December 16(Japan time), Japan will elect a new House of Representatives. The Happiness Realization Party, Japan's religious political party, is taking our message to the people of Japan. That message is clear: America and Japan should strengthen our alliance further, fight hand-in-hand against the atheist nations' plans for expansion and protect the world's freedom. This is the way to realize the justice and prosperity given by God.

Your friends in Japan also have a simple message to Americans: Please do not stray from the American conscience. That conscience is the mindset that believes in God and also believes in God's justice. It guides people of good will to act in the name of justice to create a better world. Your mission must be to remember your roots and the founding principles of your country.

In other words, America: Be America! Other countries will follow you.

From Happy Science Group

Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All

Published by IRH Press

Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All is Master Ryuho Okawa’s earnest message to the United States of America. The world’s future depends on America’s fulfillment of its long-held sacred mission of protecting the faith, liberty, and justice of people and nations around the world, and on the development of strong bonds between the United States and Japan.

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