Happy Science Monthly, Issue 252: Dreams

Hi to members and friends around the world! We are delighted to share with you this month’s A Guide for the Mind that will help you in making life decisions and Master Okawa’s Special Message on how to dream big. Janice from Canada shares with us her experiences, hopes and dreams. Brian welcomes us to the beautiful Australia Shoshinkan in Sydney and activities held there. Also, don’t forget the upcoming spring retreat in Japan! May the contents bring you great happiness for your own spiritual journey in life.

2015 Happy Science Golden Age Scholarship

The “Golden Age Scholarship” supports students who will work to create a golden future. We are waiting for application from those who wish to polish their knowledge, talent, and ability and who aim to be contributing members of society.

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 251: Enlighten

Hello to everyone around the world! In this issue, we have A Guide for the Mind and Special Message from Master Okawa that teaches us the importance of always taking a step forward by working diligently. Many members share with us their testimonies on taking the Special Ceremony to purify your past, seminars at the International Retreat, attending the World Missionary Summit, and receiving the Gohonzon. We hope you will be inspired in taking a new step forward on this year of The Laws of Wisdom!

Call for Participation: Happy Science Art Festival 2015 – Music Division

The Happy Science Art Festival aims to be the most authoritative art festival in the world to nurture “El Cantare Civilization.” Our wish is to light up the world with music written and played by people who are actively studying the Truth. We invite you to share your talents and become the voice of a new era, the “El Cantare Civilization.”

“Messages from Heaven” What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today?

If you could speak to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, or Muhammad, what would you ask? In the new ground-breaking book Messages from Heaven: What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today, Master Okawa, the founder of Happy Science and author of 100 million books sold worldwide, uses his spiritual power to communicate with these four spirits and shares their messages to the people living today.

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