Call for Participation: Happy Science Art Festival 2015 – Music Division

The Happy Science Art Festival aims to be the most authoritative art festival in the world to nurture “El Cantare Civilization.” Our wish is to light up the world with music written and played by people who are actively studying the Truth. We invite you to share your talents and become the voice of a new era, the “El Cantare Civilization.”

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“Messages from Heaven” What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today?

If you could speak to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, or Muhammad, what would you ask? In the new ground-breaking book Messages from Heaven: What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today, Master Okawa, the founder of Happy Science and author of 100 million books sold worldwide, uses his spiritual power to communicate with these four spirits and shares their messages to the people living today.

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Spring International Retreat, April 8th to 11th, 2015 (Japan)

Announcing the 2015 Spring International Retreat at Sohonzon Miraikan in Utsunomiya Japan, from Wednesday, April 8th to Saturday, April 11th.

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“The Laws of Wisdom” Shine Your Diamond Within

IRH Press publishes The Laws of Wisdom a continuation of Master Okawa’s foundational Laws series, that explores the merits of discovery and intellectual development.

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Happy Science Monthly, Issue 250: Keep Shining

Happy New Year! We have a ‘new look’ of Happy Science Monthly for members and friends to share the joy of learning and practicing the teachings of Master Okawa. Both A Guide for the Mind and the Special Message from Master Okawa encourages us to never give up and keep moving forward. Barry from California shares his life-changing experience of taking a Ritual Prayer at Hawaii Shoja. We hope 2015 starts off filled with light and wisdom through many opportunities of taking ritual prayers, receiving Gohonzons, happiness planting and much more!

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