Happy Science Monthly, Issue 259: Appreciation

Autumn is great for reading books and watching movies! In this issue, A Guide for the Mind is about the relationship between your mind and body. Master’s Special Message shares tips on stress management related to economics. Mimi from Malaysia shares with us her story of how she met Happy Science and the positive experiences of her life. Also, don’t miss our upcoming Happy Science movie that reveals many secrets of the universe – The Laws of the Universe – Part 0. Let’s all watch this movie with family and friends, and spread its important message to the world!

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 258: Efforts

Time flies by so quickly with the change of seasons from summer to autumn! In this issue, we have A Guide form the Mind on the human desire for recognition and the importance of an unshakable mind. Master’s Special Message continues with how to deal with stress concerning criticisms and worries. Plus, we have a special report on the Celebration of El Cantare’s Descent and the Pilgrimage Tour, with new publication releases and the next Happy Science movie – it is certainly an exciting time of the year!

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 257: Peace

The sun is smiling brightly in this month of August! In this monthly, we have A Guide for the Mind on our hidden power and Master Okawa’s Special Message on stress management. Bluebell from Kauai shares with us how she became a member and her recent experience attending a retreat for the first time in Japan. An article on Unsui training explains how we can spiritually discipline ourselves at Shoja and Shoshinkans around the world. Let’s all shine our inner self and brighten up the world!

Sangha by the Sea Retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii

Announcing the 2015 Sangha by the Sea retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii from November 13th to 15th. This retreat is intended for English speaking Happy Science members, residing in North America, who wish to advance their spiritual training without having to travel to Japan.

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 256: Blessings

July is a special month to celebrate and give gratitude to the Lord. In this monthly, we have A Guide for the Mind that is based on the theme of love and A Special Message of the last part of the series on human relationships. Christian from Austria shares his experience of Happy Science and how he was able to awaken to his true self. Also, there’s a special report on the international spring retreat in Japan and an announcement of Master Okawa’s upcoming lecture: The Great Turning Point in Human History.

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