Happy Science Monthly, Issue 263: Entrust

Happy Science Monthly is our worldwide publication in English that includes teachings of universal Truth that have already awakened many, regardless of color, creed, background or faith, to true happiness.

Spring International Retreat, April 10th to 14th, 2016 (Japan)

Announcing the 2016 Spring International Retreat at Sohonzon Shoshinkan in Utsunomiya Japan, from Sunday, April 10th to Thursday, April 14th.

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 262: Acceptance

A Happy 2016! In this issue, we have A Guide for the Mind on what to do when your work isn’t going smoothly. Master’s Special Message is a continuation from the last issue on feeling the miracle. Anastasia from New York shares with us her experience of how her life changed after meeting Happy Science. We recommend taking ritual prayers to further your soul training and hope this year is filled with much happiness and joy!

Happy Science Monthly, Issue 261: Miracles

As we approach the end of 2015, it is time to start thinking about our goals and plans for the coming year. A Guide for the Mind is on how illness can be cured through strong faith. Master’s Special Message starting this issue is on the theme of “feeling the miracle.” We have news on the world movie premiere, Yuta Okawa’s recent English lecture, Sayaka and Naoki Okawa’s wedding, and much more. Let’s all give our deepest gratitude and take New Year’s ritual prayer for 2016!

IRH Press USA announces “Invitation to Happiness, 7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel”

A new book by renowned spiritual leader and author Ryuho Okawa, Invitation to Happiness: 7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel (ISBN: 978-1-942125-01-3) is a personal invitation and path to finding happiness and a more joyful and authentic life.

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