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Margaret Thatcher’s Miraculous Message: An Interview with the Iron Lady 19 Hours After Her Death

Published by IRH Press

On April 9, 2013, just nineteen hours after Margaret Thatcher’s death, Master Ryuho Okawa summoned her spirit to hold a miraculous spiritual interview with Europe’s first female prime minister, famously known as the Iron Lady. The effects of her frail health and the senility of her later years were apparent during the beginning of the interview, because it was held immediately after her death, before her spirit could become adjusted. However, it was not long before her spirit regained the strength and confidence of character that had so defined her leadership during her term as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Forecasting the Second Korean War: How Will the World Handle the Crisis?

Published by IRH Press

On February 14, 2013, two days after North Korea had carried out its third underground nuclear bomb test, Master Ryuho Okawa spiritually investigated North Korea’s future. That January, North Korea had made threats against the United States, saying that it would continue its missile development program with the aim of attaining the ability to strike against America. The United States, South Korea, and Japan are all potential targets of a North Korean nuclear attack. Forecasting the Second Korean War: How Will the World Handle the Crisis? forecasts how these target nations will face this crisis. What will they do and what will be the fate of North Korea and the Korean peninsula?

The Laws of Future

Published by IRH Press

Master Ryuho Okawa shares his fundamental wish to nurture a prosperous future for all. The Laws of Future introduces five inspirational lectures, where Master Okawa emphasizes the importance of ‘The Power of Will’ and ‘Success Theory’ to overcome personal hardships; societal and economic problems; and religious and military conflicts. The road to victory is open before you, so fight diligently for the sake of tomorrow, and inspire humanity to ‘Herald a New Earth Era.’

The Laws of Future is Master Okawa’s 19th installment of The Laws Series, a progression of writings that stem from the founding text and core doctrine of Happy Science, The Laws of the Sun.

Available at your local Happy Science center and temple only.

The Iran-Israel Crisis: Looking for a Way to Prevent a Nuclear War

Published by IRH Press

Master Ryuho Okawa firmly believes that the power to create lasting global peace will come from embracing love and forgiveness beyond differences in religion. In this spirit, Master Okawa offers The Iran-Israel Crisis: Looking for a Way to Prevent a Nuclear War. This set of spiritual interviews with the guardian spirits of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveal their living counterparts’ underlying ideas about each other’s nations as arch enemies. This book offers telling evidence—to people of all religious persuasions, cultures, and nationalities—that the world needs deeper spiritual truths that will provide answers to long-standing clashes between religions. Through mutual understanding between religions and nations, the world can come together in peace.

Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All

Published by IRH Press

Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All is Master Ryuho Okawa’s earnest message to the United States of America. The world’s future depends on America’s fulfillment of its long-held sacred mission of protecting the faith, liberty, and justice of people and nations around the world, and on the development of strong bonds between the United States and Japan.

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