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The Laws of Future

Published by IRH Press

Master Ryuho Okawa shares his fundamental wish to nurture a prosperous future for all. The Laws of Future introduces five inspirational lectures, where Master Okawa emphasizes the importance of ‘The Power of Will’ and ‘Success Theory’ to overcome personal hardships; societal and economic problems; and religious and military conflicts. The road to victory is open before you, so fight diligently for the sake of tomorrow, and inspire humanity to ‘Herald a New Earth Era.’

The Laws of Future is Master Okawa’s 19th installment of The Laws Series, a progression of writings that stem from the founding text and core doctrine of Happy Science, The Laws of the Sun.

Available at your local Happy Science center and temple only.

The Nine Dimensions

Published by IRH Press

The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling The Laws of Eternity, by Ryuho Okawa, the reader will be taken on a journey into the Other World – that place to which we all go when our lives end here on earth. The multidimensional aspects of this Other World are revealed, culminating in the Ninth Dimension – the realm of the saviors. This is the realm inhabited by the Messiahs, beings who only come down to earth every thousand years or more. This books offers a window into the mind of our loving God, who encourages us to grow into greater angels. It reveals His deepest intentions, answering the timely question of why He conceived such a colorful medley of religions, philosophies, sciences, arts, and other forms of expression. It is His hope that when the religions and cultures of the world discover the truth of their common spiritual origin, they will be inspired to accept their differences, come together under faith in God, and build an era of harmony and peaceful progress on Earth.

The Laws of Salvation

Published by IRH Press

The Laws of Salvation is the first ‘Laws Series’ for the start of 2011 and offers salvation for humanity living in the 21st century that spans into the future that accommodates the upcoming era of the ‘Space Age’.

Available at your local Happy Science center and temple only.

The Laws of Creation

Published by IRH Press

Master Ryuho Okawa shares the secrets of creativity in which he, himself, applies to his own busy life. He encourages readers to “cast away yesterday’s success”, “break new grounds for further creation” and “create new values for this world”. The Laws of Creation elucidates Master Okawa’s enthusiasm and compassion to bring happiness to all humanity by nurturing “new geniuses” who will be catalysts for a new civilization.

Available at your local Happy Science center and temple only.

The Laws of Courage

Published by Lantern Books

In a world of competition and conflict, it is easy to lose sight of who we really are and become overwhelmed by what happnes around us. In The Laws of Courage, Ryuho Okawa presents a new perspective to discover a way to live your life with confidence and strength. From practical tips for forming long lasting friendships to universal solutions for hatred and suffering, this groundbreaking book can guide you to a new future for yourself and the world.

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