To inspire the creation of faith-based artwork from our community, Happy Science proudly announces the 2013 Culture and Art Festival, to be held at the Tokyo Shoshinkan (head temple), June 2013. The theme for this year is “Creation of the Future” and we are soliciting submissions in Music, Fine Art, and Ornamental design.

Information for the Music category is available and presented below for your consideration.


Competition Category

Please submit original songs or music that you have composed.  Media must be submitted in a recorded digital media format (CD / DVD).  We will not accept  only lyrics or scores for this category. The quality of sound will be judged, so consider submitting near CD quality.

Festival Category

Please submit lyrics, compositions, performances and original songs. Please do not submit musical scores alone as this category will judge lyrical composition and performance quality.


  • Participation is reserved for members only
  • Original songs / compositions only
  • Professional or Amateur submissions are accepted
  • You may submit your song/composition to both categories (Competition / Festival), but you may enter only one composition per category.
  • Compositions must be in a recorded digital format (CD / DVD) with a play-time of under ten (10) minutes.
  • We will not accept entries that do not permit festival exhibition or dissemination to Happy Science properties (including web).


Please complete the attached application form (with digital media enclosed) and submit to the following address:

The Happy Science Art Festival Project Office
1-2-38, Higashi Gotanda, Shinigawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 141-0022
Tel: +81(0)3-5793-1742

Clearly indicate “Music Division” on the envelope.  Please note, that due to volume of expected submissions, we will not be able to return your media once submitted.


The application deadline is March 31, 2013 (firm).

Details for the Fine Art and Ornamental categories have yet to be announced. Members interested in participating are invited to contact our international office at, 080-4134-7258, for guidance.

The 2013 Culture and Art Festival is open to all members. Some event information has yet to be localized, so if you are in need of submission assistance, please contact your local Happy Science Branch.

Our community is teaming with faith and creativity, so we proudly await the privilege to showcase the magnificent artisanship of our members. Consider sharing your faith-based inspiration for the happiness of others!

To see winning entries from the 2012 festival, please visit (JP).

The Happy Science Art Festival Project Office