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Happy Science on Nepal TV!

Happy Science is increasingly making appearances on TV in Nepal. Recently, the minister there was interviewed on a TV show called Inspirations, which features people and organizations working for the progress of Nepal. Past features include embassy delegates, non-profits like Unicef, Save the Children and government aid agencies like such as JAICA. On the show, which could be compared to Oprah in the US, the minister was interviewed about Master’s lecture in Nepal Life and Death, and on teachings such as on prosperity and on true happiness that carries from this world to the next.

Coverage on Thai TV

A Happy Science seminar in Thailand called The Unhappiness Syndrome received coverage on TTNN24TV. The report showed images of the seminar, introduced Master’s Thai books and aired interviews of two Happy Science members.

A clip of the inverview can be viewed here:

“Final Judgement” Screening in the Philippines

The Manila screening of Final Judgement was held on January 25th. It was very festive as members of the production team walked the red carpet, and a popular Filipino artist, JED MADELA, sang the campaign song. All 860 seats were quickly filled up with Happy Science members, media personnel and politicians. “This movie taught me the reason why I’m here. I’m honored to have been able to sing the campaign song,” says Jed. The movie is set for release in February.

Happy Science spreading in the American South

Ms. L, a resident of Monroe City, North Carolina, discovered Happy Science on the internet. Impressed with The Laws of the Sun, she soon called Happy Science’s US Headquarters in New York. A member in Atlanta contacted her, visited her at her home, and she became a member. Nearby in South Carolina, missionary house leader Shanon’s colleague M became a member as well. She had asked for a personal consultation after a seminar and found that she was able to find the answer to her problem by reflecting on it from the perspective of Buddha’s Truth. Congratulations to them both!

“The “Mystical Laws” was selected for Best of the World 2013 at Lisbon Animated Film Festival

The Mystical Laws has been nominated in the category Best of the World 2013 in the Lisbon Animated Film Festival (March 7th to March 17th). The category features movies the panel feels people should see. The movie will be shown during the festival. The festival enters its 12th year. Last year 456 films were shown during the 10 day festival and was attended by 40,000 people. Previous Japanese films shown include Ghost in the Shell. The Mystical Laws is being prepared for a theatrical release in Brazil this spring. This could be a big step forward for missionary work in the Portuguese-speaking world!

Eva Airlines inflight showing

Have you ever missed the ending of a movie because your plane had to land? A passenger on a Vietnam-Taiwan flight called Kaoshiung branch in Taiwan (located in Southern part of Taiwan) to see if he could finish watching The Mystical Laws, which is being shown onboard Eva Airlines from January to March. He had seen The Eternal Laws on Youtube a few years back. So when he found out after an internet search that both movies were produced by Ryuho Okawa, he decided to contact the branch. “The movie was fascinating. I was surprised to see Taiwan in the movie.” We hope that more people will have the chance to see this film!

Source: Happy Science International Vol. 2 (2/7/2013)

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