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Invited to the Iranian Revolution Anniversary at the Iranian Embassy

Happy Science was invited to attend the reception of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran held at the Iranian Embassy in Tokyo on February 8th. Happy Science staff mingled with delegates from 50 states, military personnel, politicians and business leaders and gave books such as Invincible Thinking to the Iranian Ambassador and others. It was a great opportunity to make connections and open possibilities for Happy Science to spread in the Middle East.

In Thailand, Master’s book introduced on ViVi!

Happy Science Thailand was contacted by editors of the Thai issue of ViVi for permission to print a book review of Love, Nurture and Forgive in their February issue (email from the editors below).

Hi, we are ViVi, a women’s fashion magazine originating from Japan. We’d like to ask if we could introduce Ryuho Okawa’s books in the February issue of our magazine. Our readers are young women (college students and young employees). We believe that our target audience is the same audience that Happy Science targets as well.

We hope that many young women in Thailand will experience the truth that inner beauty radiates out as outer beauty through Master’s teachings.

A miracle from “Prayer for Economic Success” in Uganda!

Victor, a member in Uganda who is a prospective student of the Happy Science University, participated in the The Heart of Happiness Planting Koan Seminar held at the Uganda temple on January 19th. This is his story:

“My name is Victor. I became a devotee to the three treasures in June 2012 when Lord El Cantare Master Ryuho Okawa gave a miraculous lecture The Light of New Hope. I have been learning the teachings of truth every day since. Many miracles have happened, but this miracle I want to share with you happened very recently.

I am sincerely grateful to Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa, for giving me a chance to attend the Happiness Planting seminar. It taught me how to be an Angel of wealth and how to do happiness planting to help the mission of El Cantare. However, I didn’t have a lot of wealth to offer money, so I took the ritual prayer Prayer for Economic Success to Lord El Cantare to use me as a Happiness Planting Angel to fight poverty in Uganda and the world.

A week after this I was doing my morning meditation when suddenly I received a phone call from a scholarship student at the Japanese Embassy, asking me to teach him Japanese for beginners before he goes to Japan for his master’s study in Nagoya University. I didn’t expect an income opportunity such as this. Since I promised to use this gift as an Angel of wealth, I have returned to do ritual prayer for Economic Success the second time, so that Lord El Cantare can use me again and again to do happiness planting to support Happy Science activities. Thank you Lord El Cantare for your love and guidance. I pledge to study the truth and deepen my faith and live for the love of others.”

Mr. Benin’s Missionary Work in West Africa

Jules Zannou (known as “Mr. Benin”) is staff at the Benin branch and is now in Japan for a month of training.

Jules: “Bonjour, everyone! Thank you for your work everyday. During my month in Japan, I have visited branches in the city and joined members in delivering flyers to houses. I am impressed by the cheer and dedication of the Japanese members. In West Africa, the good word is spreading steadily from Benin to nearby French-speaking countries such as Togo, Cote d’lvoire, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Every Saturday we have a one-hour program for Happy Science teachings on TV. Each time after the show, the phone rings non-stop from viewers wanting to find out more about Happy Science. The Lord’s teachings suits the African mentality and addresses their problems so well that members are saying that Master Ryuho Okawa must actually be an African! In Benin, the miraculous progress achieved by Japan after the destruction of the war has been taught at public schools since the country’s independence in 1960. I also had the opportunity to visit the site of the future Happy Science University and was immensely inspired by its vision. I will share in West Africa the vision and effort to make this great university a reality. It is my dream to build a Happy Science University in Benin!”

Source: Happy Science International Vol. 3 (2/20/2013)

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