IRH Press announces an Online Opinion Magazine “The Liberty Web Global” – Revealing the Real Truth behind News

2012/3/5 TOKYO-IRH Press Co., Ltd (Japanese publishing company since 1987) announces the launch of “The Liberty Web Global” the English online website of The Liberty, a renowned Japanese opinion magazine.

The Liberty brings awareness to justice in today’s society by providing enlightening articles on news commentaries and opinions in many categories such as world politics, economics, social and cultural issues, religions, and spiritual knowledge, based on the teachings of Happy Science, a leading religion in Japan. Since 1995, it has gained popular acclaim and has been influencing Japan providing great insights to various global issues.

“The Liberty Web Global” ( – is now available in English to cater to the world in order to show the real truth behind the latest worldwide events from spiritual perspectives according to the wisdom of Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science. Master Ryuho Okawa teaches universal truth through current events, giving The Liberty a unique perspective for its readers to attain true liberty, peace and happiness. By reading The Liberty, the readers will be able to view the world from the eyes of this universal truth.

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IRH Press. Co.,Ltd (Liberty Web Global)
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About IRH Press Co., Ltd

IRH Press Co., Ltd, was founded in 1987 as a publishing division of Happy Science. It has been publishing Master Ryuho Okawa’s books as well as periodical magazines, ranking in as best sellers in many occasions. These books have become well established as the most influential guides for society in the publishing world. They have been translated to 20 languages and are now being distributed all over the world. Latest book available: “The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Eternity”

About Master Ryuho Okawa and Happy Science

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science has devoted his life to the exploration of the Truth and finding ways to bring True Happiness to people around the world. Master Okawa has written more than 800 books; in 2010, he published 52 books, setting the Guinness World Record for “most books written in one year by an individual.” In Japan, Master Okawa’s new books have landed on the bestselling list for 21 consecutive years. Happy Science is growing with 12 million members in more than 90 countries. The teachings are bringing the world together through love and enlightenment to all backgrounds and faiths everyone studying together in joy, harmony and deep-found respect.

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