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All the really important things in life, like love, wisdom, and hope, are not visible to the eye. See your life from a spiritual perspective. Discover something you hadn't seen before.

Happy Science is a spiritual movement founded by Ryuho Okawa in Japan. Today, members in over 100 countries are learning his teachings on universal truths and practicing love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress based on a spiritual view of life. No matter where you come from or what religion you belong to, Happy Science welcomes you to join us and study these teachings together.

What is Happy Science?

Universal Teachings

At Happy Science, we learn the universal Truth about ourselves, of life, the world and the universe to discover the infinite paths to happiness. No matter where you come from or what religion you may belong to, Happy Science welcomes you to join and study these teachings together.

In a Nutshell

Important Truths

One of the most important Truths about life is that Divinity exists. Our “real self” is an existence that continues after death because people’s souls are blessed with eternal life. During our life in this world, the happiness we seek must be one that bridges from this phenomenal world to the next.


Helpful topics

Happy Science is a universal religion that unites everyone; therefore, we welcome all who wish to improve themselves through the exploration of the Right Mind and daily practice of The Principles of Happiness. We invite you to learn more about our Teachings via the following articles and resources.



For your convenience, we offer two options for membership:

  1. Register online to receive the Dharma of the Right Mind (digital format) and membership related communications - ($10 donation).
  2. Visit a local branch to consult with a minister and receive the Dharma of the Right Mind prayer book. This option is recommended for those seeking advanced instruction.
The Principles of Happiness

The Fourfold Path

The Fourfold Path is a unique teaching of Happy Science. It is a set of guideposts in the exploration of the Right Mind, a method to achieving true happiness. The Principles of Happiness are the four methods of freeing ourselves from worldly worries and distress and, at the same time, a modern path to enlightenment.


Teaches that true love is “love that gives” – selfless love, detached from personal desires.


Focuses on the importance of studying the Truth; teachings that convey the true meaning of life.


Emphasizes the importance of correcting wrong thoughts and returning our mind to a clean state.


Focuses on success or happiness through positive action and personal development.

Invitation to Happiness

A program inviting you on a journey to true happiness, answering life's deepest questions such as the meaning of life, life after death, relationships and world peace. Introducing the teachings of Global Visionary Ryuho Okawa. Invitation to Happiness aired in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto during the Summer of 2017.

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Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa is a renowned spiritual leader and international best-selling author with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. His deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has led him to write over 2,500 titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings, covering a broad range of topics. He also writes on the topics of management and economy, as well as the relationship between religion and politics in the global context. To date, Okawa's books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 31 languages.

The Laws of the Sun

Once Source, One Planet, One People

Is our future set in stone? Worldwide spiritual sensation, Ryuho Okawa, brings us the gospel for this turbulent millennium in The Laws of the Sun: One Source, One Planet, One People, revealing that it is up to us to become the authors of this century.

Ryuho Okawa reveals the truth of the common source of all humankind - regardless of race, religion, and culture - and when we, humankind, discover the divine purpose bestowed onto our common identity, all will be inspired to unite as one people of our one beloved planet.

The Laws of the Sun is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local Happy Science Branch.

Objection to the New York Times Article by Happy Science

On April 16, The New York Times (NYT) released an article, “Inside the Fringe Japanese Religion That Claims It Can Cure Covid-19” by Mr. Sam Kestenbaum on its online edition, which contains both objective tones and factual errors that disparages members of Happy Science and the organisation’s efforts to guide faith seekers during this difficult time. This article was released in NYT’s weekend printed edition with the title, “Battling Viral Demons, But for a fee”, again on April 20.



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