What do we do?

Happy Science Group is an international organization with more than 12 million members in over 100 countries. Through our activities in various areas, such as religion, education, politics, and publishing, we aim to create a global utopia.


We offer a variety of activities based upon the belief that the happiness of society is realized through the happiness of each individual. Happiness starts from choosing to be happy!


IRH Press publishes Ryuho Okawa's books as well as produces films. Okawa has more than 2,500 titles published and his books have been translated in over 31 languages. The readership overseas is rapidly growing.


Happy Science Academy is a junior and senior boarding school founded in 2010 based on the educational principle of Happy Science. Happy Science University is a private learning institution located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.


With the aim to realize the happiness of the people of Japan and the world, Master Okawa founded the Happiness Realization Party (HRP) in May 2009.

Social Contribution

Happy Science is a non-profit organization fully committed to alleviating suffering, poverty, famine and to create a better world. Some of the organizations that we have supported include UNICEF, Save the Children and the Red Cross. Happy Science provides relief to victims of natural disasters and humanitarian aid to regions ravaged by conflict. We will continue to provide financial and material support where needed in addition to continuing in our work as a religion - the salvation of the soul - which is the greatest social contribution and public work there is.

Supporting students with a bright future: The Golden Age Scholarship

The Golden Age Scholarship is a funding system created to support students dedicated to building a bright, golden future for the world. This scholarship is given to young students all over the world to help them in their education, spiritual growth and pursuit of their dreams. If you are a student and would like to apply to receive an application form/application essay topic, please contact us.

Our passion to supporting education and youth welfare

Happy Science Academy StudentsTo nurture children of the future, Happy Science is very much involved in the field of education. In 2010, Happy Science established its first junior and senior high school in Nasu called The Happy Science Academy. A second school in Western Japan opened in 2013. Happy Science University, a private learning institution located in Chiba Prefecture, opened in April, 2015. Other Happy Science educational establishments, which cater to various age groups, are: a preparatory school called Success No.1, Angel Plan V for tots, and Senior Plan21 for our senior members. Also, Happy Science has founded an Anti-Bullying Campaign to tackle the widespread problem of bullying in schools. It conducts seminars to educate the public about the seriousness of the widespread problem of bullying in schools, invite experts and present solutions as well as provide consultation. Happy Science also runs a special school called Never Mind, a free school for students who find it emotionally difficult to go to an ordinary public school. "Never Mind" is a school where the individuality, values and independence of the child are respected.

A deep appreciation for culture and the arts

A replica of the Harati Mata temple that was a favorite at the Nepal Pavilion in 2005's Aichi World Expo held in Japan is preserved next to Happy Science Utsunomiya Shoshinkan. It is affectionately known by the locals as the Nepal-Buddha Pavilion and is open for everyone to visit. The Buddhist spirit forms the core of Happy Science. Therefore, culturally preserving Buddhism, which has long been the heart and soul of many people, is also one of the many missions Happy Science has.

A mission to spread Truth to the world

Missionary work photoThe fundamental key for people to awaken to true happiness and be able to experience that happiness each day is in the teachings and in its practice. That is why Happy Science places the greatest importance on the spreading of these precious teachings to all people in every country of the world.

Missionary work, or 'dendo' in Japanese, is a grand mission and noble activity which in itself brings happiness to the individual undertaking such a task. The purpose of missionary work is to reveal the sacred path that people should journey, to guide them to Truth, and provide generous opportunities for everyone to awaken to the real meaning and purpose of life. Many people have already awakened to their mission to become 'generators of happiness' and are living self-less lives that will become beacons of light for many generations to come. They have already decided to pursue the path to become an angel of light (bodhisattva); they have already dedicated their life to creating Utopia on earth.

Missionary work is the most precious way to practice love that gives. It is simple, fun, and infinitely rewarding. Through handing out monthly magazines, donating books and volunteering at your local events, even one person can become a great force of happiness for many. Join in our activities today!

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